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True Link

True Link Financial

How to refresh dense banking websites while still maintaining the respect as a trusted financial institution.


True Link Financial is a financial services firm that protects seniors, individuals with disabilities, and at-risk adults from scams and fraud.  True Link provides a pre-paid Visa credit/debit card that can be customized to best protect the client at hand.  In addition, they offer a way for caretakers to monitor spending and adjust permissions, without taking away their loved one's independence.

As True Link continued to generate press, their website proceeded to see more traffic.  While this was a great indicator of growth, unfortunately their site appeared outdated instead of reflecting the success of the startup.  In my time at True Link, I worked with the team towards a website refresh

Our goal

The site needed to appear fresh and current, aided by a reorganization of the site content.  In addition, being a financially centered business, the site needed to maintain a feeling of professionalism, preserving the established trust with our users.

Who are our primary users?

Primary users of True Link are either older adults caring for their aging parents, or caretakers assisting their elderly clients.  Our users were not particularly tech-savvy, but were willing to take the time to set up and manage an account with True Link and if it meant more peace-of-mind.  

The process

I worked with the product team to better understand the business priorities compared to our user's priorities.  The website had to properly balance simplicity, security, and transparency.  Using these principles as a guide, I created sketches for the homepage & spending monitor, rethinking how they might embody each trait.

In addition to looking into the site architecture, True Link was looking for a fresh visual identity.  Instead of jumping into finalized comps, we wanted to work towards a usability test, ensuring we were on the right track.  For the A/B test, we wanted to test two high fidelity prototypes, reason being it would convey more legitimacy & trust to our users during the test.  In addition, consulting with tech during the design of the site structure made it probable that the actual implementation of the website after the test could be done seamlessly after testing.  I researched available website builders and settled on webflow.  Using my wireframes as a guide, I created several functioning pages on the site.  

In addition to inviting collaboration, these mockups helped start a working style guide for True Link.  I was able to begin documenting key visual design patterns which were handed off to incoming visual design interns.